Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MFW Mixy Matchy Style 2

Moxy Fab World's Mixy Matchy Style Challenge
2nd post
Patterns are one of the reasons I became interested in making cards.
It was easy to transition from quiltmaking to paper crafts.
I love print. I love mixing prints.
For sure, it's an art to pick and match the right colors, prints, size of patterns. And then, how much of each do you use on a project. Wish I could wave a wand to assure assembly of said project,
but I can say practice and failure (after failure) helps.
But, as they say, "Never give up! Never surrender!" (think that's a line from a movie)
So on to 2nd post
Definitely looks like a quilt hanging in the great room.
Yes I have a 'great room'. It's the room we put the Christmas tree in, the room that actually stays clean because no one lives in it. You know, the parlor, the living room. The room builders stopped building.
OK, it's the room that DOESN'T open into the kitchen!
I love that room.
It has the pix of all the grandkids. It is transformed for every holiday.
It's warm and bright and is where I go to read, have coffee, and sit and dream.
Most of the mixy matchy inspiration came from Graphic 45's French Country 6x6 paper pack.
The 'quilt' is Papertrey's hexagon cover plate cut many times and assembled, like a quilt.
The slice of cake, the gold embossed fork and knife are from Papertrey's Table Service.
Rolling Pin and spoon from Ranger's 'Kitchen' stamp set.
Popping up some of the elements helped break up some of the business. Vintage lace, twine and Papertrey buttons finish.
If you'd like to give the Mixy Matchy challenge a try, find it here:
Think I'll go sit in the 'Great Room' for awhile...


  1. What a work of art! I didn't know you were a quilter, but it makes tons of sense after seeing your card. Mixing patterns truly is an art and a gift (one that my sister and aunt, also quilters, have). Loved reading about your great room as well. It sounds fantastic.

  2. What a lovely mix of patterns and colors...you definitely have the quilter's eye! Gorgeous card!

  3. Hey Nancy! Thanks for linking this up to the Mixy-Matchy Style Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)