Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PTI MIM #127

Dawn McVey helps us create our own background paper this week.
Not only one stamping but doubled up!
 She carefully advises to achieve the best results, as this can be overpowering if you get carried away
(as I've tried this before and found results a bit busy)
Had to do more tags for All Things Tinsel so went to work.
1st tag
Pale and sweet, just like the bridal jewelry they are packaged with.
The first stamp is a Stampington Ledger Flourish wood mounted that was centered and stamped with Sweet Blush.
Then with Smokey Shadow, a Boutique Borders frame, positioned over the first stamp.
Thanks is copper embossed and is from Mini Blooms. Also stamped a little 'so much' beneath it.
This is where things got crazy. 
Working on 2 projects at once, and dealing with an uncontained mind, I felt the sweet blush was too pale. So I reached for the re-inker to well, re-ink the pad. Only it wasn't sweet blush, it was Hibiscus Burst! Oops! I needed to do about 20 tags so I continued with what I call, Sweet Burst!
I think I like it better!
Also changed things up by adding die cut flowers from Bigger Blooms.
Too much? I thought it would be, to reproduce 20 times, so I simplified.
Same layout, same colors (with the oops ink pad!), a few sequins,  and 20 tags later:
Just in case you're not bored silly with this post, this is a comparison of the pale and brightened up tags.
Needless to mention, a Sweet Blush inkpad will be in my next PTI order!


  1. Hi Nancy, We would never be bored with your post! Love each and everyone. Oh my goodness these are beautiful tags, nice job making so many. I do the same thing with the inks , loving Sweet Burst…too funny great name. I love the sequins you added and I think I have been using them on almost every card.
    You alway leave such sweet comments , todays was about the best ever and I just wanted to thank you. I am so glad you got the WMS feathers now you can do some of those challanges….its such a friendly group that plays along. Thank you my sweet friend! I am Blessed to call you my friend.

  2. Beautiful tags Nancy! Love the little flower you added and the sequins, a nice finishing touch...

  3. Beautiful tags! Love the "Sweet Burst" ink!!

  4. Your tags are gorgeous!! I love both versions, and now I'm off to check out that Boutique Border stamp!!

  5. I think Sweet Burst should be the newest PTI color! Your tags are gorgeous, bursting and blushing.

  6. Your tag is so lovely. And I like the fact that your sentiment goes beyond the frame. A good reminder that staying in the lines is not needed, LOL. Wonderful colors and embellishments too.

  7. What a beautiful set of tags! I love the pink stamped background and pretty little blooms. :)

  8. I love how this came out I really like how you framed the checks with the fancy frame and the sequin is a wonderful aded touch Have a great day
    DIANA L.
    http:// http://dianamlarson.blogspot.com

  9. Oh, these are all so pretty, Nancy!

  10. These tags are just beautiful! Love your background combos. And the flower on the side is perfect!

  11. These are lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and adding your nice comments! I wish I could find a way to make some of these things pay, the way you do!

  12. These are lovely tags. I love the border frame over the flourishes. It's a great look with the sentiment stamped outside the lines.

  13. These are so gorgeous! I have my eye on that frame set! Stunning tags!

  14. Can't say that I was bored silly with the post since my customers will LOVE these. Every time I send one out I cry a little inside. :-) I don't want to let any of them go!


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