Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sending Blessings

Happy Sunday, all!
Part 2 with the new Leaves All Around stencil and die set from the Greetery's 
newest release. This time with dimension, and the Jumbo moth.

I love the framing of any element, especially a sentiment. And this beautiful die
does it perfectly. I tried to mute my citrus colors, but it just wasn't happening.
 Kept going brighter and brighter, and then defined the leaves and blooms with pencil, 
for even more color.

I go where the card leads me. Sometimes, it's an idea that comes alive just as I planned.
Truly, most of the time it's an evolved effort!

Loving this release. It's brought such joy to a busy, stressed summer!

My moth used both wing dies, and like I said went from a pale guy to this 
bright showoff.

Hard to see, but the embossed copper sentiment is on a piece of vellum. Such a 
sweet script, rather animated like the fluttering moth!

I know of so many that could use a blessing right now. May have to do 
a few of these cards!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Saturday, July 30, 2022

Birthday Butterfly

Good Saturday Morning! Have to say, we're having the strangest weather here in
my valley. Normally, end of July... hot, dry, and did I mention hot?
We're at the base of Yosemite, and the mountains are cloud covered, the air is
humid, and, still hot. We're also battling a fire in the Yosemite area. (Don't get me
started on poor government management).

Doing what makes me happy indoors, making cards.

When the Greetery has a release, I have no willpower. There I've said it.
This card is all newbies from their Sweet & Sunny collection. 
I've done several cards, and love every set! 

The butterfly, once cut, is stenciled, and I did it 4 times before I ended up with 
what I liked. The card grew around it. Not sure why I've been on a pink and blue
theme lately.

The Leaves All Around stencil is such a beautiful frame. Love how Betsy's sentiments
and butterfly fit perfectly within. I 'borrowed' Betsy's idea of adding Hollyhocks
to the leaf garland.

This card's going in the Birthday stash. I can't ever, ever, EVER have enough 
Birthday cards on hand!

Enjoy your weekend! Stay cool, and craft on!

Monday, July 25, 2022

Hollyhocks Birthday Card


I've been completely in love with the new Impressionism paintings, by artists
such as Erin Hanson, and even our own Dawn McVey. Capturing the bright 
colors and contemporary shapes was the goal with this card. Contrast and bright
happy movement. 

The Greetery's Hollyhocks die was cut and assembled using bright reds and pinks
and added to a bright blue background. Even The Greetery's birthday die emits a 
freeform feeling.

The new impressionist painters are fearless in their color combinations, often
using bright colors for ordinary objects.

I recently attended Beyond Van Gogh, and vowed to take up painting again. 
Have you seen it? 
Here's a sample of experiencing Van Gogh's art come to life!

Beyond Van Gogh is an experience, not just a gallery of paintings. The walls come alive
with movement, reflected on the floor. His brushstrokes are so emotional you almost
feel him attacking his canvas!

Our card making craft allows us to draw from all sorts of techniques and styles.
Hope you enjoyed my 'impression' of impressionism! 

Saturday, July 16, 2022



The Greetery's Hollyhocks is the newest in the Botanicuts series, and it's won 
my heart. Dies for coloring, and assembling, this set is a stand out beauty.

Botanicuts: Hollyhocks is one of the feature flowers in the Sweet and Sunny collection.
If you follow The Greetery, Betsy has You Tube videos on coloring and assembling tips.

Beginning with a pale Seed Catalogue background,  The hollyhocks. were added, with a 
birthday greeting sentiment. (Let's Have a Word: Birthday die).

I love posing my finished hollyhocks with my Coleus, which has been so happy,
and blooming profusely.  

Next to Christmas cards, birthdays are the cards I do most. For no one in 
particular, this card joins the growing birthday stash.

Hope you enjoyed today's post. And hope you have a lovely weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2022

The Flower Challenge Reminder #70: CAS


Summer's in full swing in CA's Central Valley, hot and dry!
Keeping my precious flowers alive and blooming is always a task, 
and sometimes it works, sometimes, with temps at over 100 for weeks,
it's a loosing battle...

Fortunately, there's no shortage of colorful blooms in the craft room!
I'm bringing a reminder of our challenge at the Flower Challenge: CAS, 
Clean and Simple.

One central focus, with lots of white space. 

Pick a favorite flower and play along! 

The Greetery: 
Printshop Garden Goodness
Hello die

Saturday, July 9, 2022

What's the Buzz?


All 'a-buzz' about the new honey jar from The Greetery... 

Hi there! I had several honey jars on my craft table, and decided to play with different
jar toppers. The honey jar can be left open or topped with a cloth like bonnet and string.

I went 'country' with this card and paired the honey jar with The Greetery's
Oopsie Daisy. 'Dipped' my honey stick with colored GA, (a technique I explain
in my previous post).

The honeycomb background corners are just the perfect accent for the jar.

Have a sweet weekend!

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Sweet as Honey with the Greetery


FINALLY had a chance to play with the Greetery's newest release. It's been the
busiest summer, and there's no end in sight. Won't bore with all the details, but...
have to say, I relish any time I can enjoy in the craft cave!

Sweet and Sunny is a collection of summer's best, including a honey jar and stir
stick. We have had bee hives on the farm,  and they're a joy from start to finish.
Bees are essential for fruit trees, pollinating varieties for best harvest.
Have you ever eaten a honeycomb? We gather them up at the end of summer and
keep them throughout the year. 

My honey jar has a double cloth skirt, and the stir stick has a bit of pencil shading.

So much sweetness in this card, I decided to do a few more with different Buzz 
Worthy sentiments.

Kelly Lunceford added Nuvo drops to her stir stick, which I thought adorable.
No Nuvo drops in honey color, so I created my own, and I'll share it with you.

Recipe for dripping honey: Glossy Accents + Re-Inker
I used 1 drop Altenew's Butternut. Stir into a plastic throw away cup. 
I poured it onto the stir stick and moved the stick around for a minute until
the 'honey stayed where I wanted it. then, be sure to let it dry.

Have a great week!

Monday, July 4, 2022

The flower Challenge #70 CAS


Well hello! 
Did you see me on top of the moon? I'm there because I've been asked to join
a favorite challenge blog, The Flower Challenge!

It's a card challenge blog with the main star of the show being, flowers! 
If you happen to read my bio on the Flower Challenge Blog, you'll see
gardening is a passion with me. Which leads to the love of adding flowers to
my cards and projects, which of course leads to an extensive, ever growing
accumulation of stamps, dies, etc., that are flowers! Sound familiar?

The hardest choice here? What flower should I use for my debut? Altenew, of course!
My pick? Wallpaper Art, a favorite for coloring.
Don't tell my crafting sisters on the design team, but CAS is a hard one for me.
My instinct is to load up the layers and craft a card full of, well, full. 
Clean and Simple, lots of white space... mine is pale grey. Do you see a theme
with me? A rebel? Proudly, so! As CAS as it gets, hope my card brings all of you
inspiration to play along this month. Can't wait to see your lovelies!

Well, that's it, my friends.
Hello and Sending you all love and hugs.
If you have a minute, I'd love to hear what you think of my Clean and Simple card.
Have a great week!