Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MIM #167

Erin Lincoln makes the cutest notebooks this week on MIM.
With a few hints she uses Papertrey's card stock and stamps
to personalize these sweet gifts.

I had some fun with the Vegetable Garden stamps, 
along with Garden Variety 2. 'Just a Note' is from Postmarks.
Masked the tomato image and darkened areas with copics.

Do you know that PTI has corresponding copic colors to each of their inks?
For instance, Pure Poppy has sketch markers R24, R29, & R59 to match it's red.
I'll often use a marker to touch up a flub that wasn't stamped vividly enough,
or shade an area I want to have depth.

I love growing tomatoes. They're easy and prolific here in the Central Valley.
I saw on Dawn McVey's blog, she is noticing the first sign of her crop.
We've had such warm weather lately, my tomatoes are starting to ripen as well.

By midsummer, I'll be knocking on doors with baskets full of tomatoes.
Meanwhile, I visit the garden daily to try to keep ahead of the weeds, 
which also grow well in the valley!


  1. Love the notepad done with garden variety and vegetable stamps! So cute!!
    How do you find out what copics coordinate with their colors? Is there chart? I never knew this bit of helpful info. Here on the other side of the country, I just planted my garden yesterday!!

  2. stinkin' cute and so fun. I am sure who ever uses this will smile every time they pull off of sheet to write a note.

  3. Oooh, I would love to have a notebook like this for writing my grocery shopping lists in. So so cute!

  4. What a fabulous cover on your pad! You even did lots of slightly complicated masking, and boy does it pay off. I will keep a copy of this in my file for these stamp sets. Haven't the last two MIMs been a blast? (I'm in sewing mode at the moment, and our house will only support one set of toys out at a time, so I missed these fun Mondays.) I thought of the veggie set first when I imagined making a pad. So happy I checked in to catch your contribution.

  5. Your notebook is so pretty!

  6. I love your tomatoes!! The shading is fabulous & love them against dark blue on the seed label.

  7. LOVE the coloring of the tomatoes on your mini notebook, and thanks for tip about coordinating Copics and PTI inks...did not know that! I'm jealous you have actual tomatoes already ripening! We just started getting nice weather here in Michigan a few weeks ago, so only leaves on our tomato plants!

  8. OH, Nancy, what a darling mini notebook! Love the fabulous shading on the tomatoes!
    Beautifully done!

    WOW, your tomatoes are looking delicious! I'll take a basket-full...yummy!!

  9. Nancy this is the cutest notebook ever! Love those tomatoes with the gingham and polkadots,adorable! We planted tomatoes too but the raccoons usually get most of them because our dog sleeps inside .

  10. Such a cute notebook, Nancy.

  11. Beautiful coloring on your adorable notebook, Nancy. The tomatoes look like a beautiful watercolor. The photo of your real tomatoes is great too ~ nothing beats homegrown!

  12. This is gorgeous!! Love those bright tomatoes!!

  13. This one is such a great colour and details!

  14. WOW! This is absolutely stunning, Nancy! Love the sketchy background you added. Creates so much depth!