Monday, June 30, 2014

MIM #170

MIM time! 
Erin demonstrates masking with die cuts.

She shared several steps I tried to incorporate,
first off, die cutting the masks with sticky notes that are all over sticky.
Don't have those, and wanted to do a card today, so applied 
doubled scotch tape behind each die cut.
2. Create a background.  Easy to do with the new Ombre Builders set.
3. Sponge on some color areas with ink.
4. Stamp images where previously masked. Topiary Trio had all the stamps I needed. 
5. Mist area. Didn't go too well, so covered a blob with triple dies from Wet Paint.
6. Cover all splotched areas. Yes, I had 'em! Upper Right and lower left brick patterns added last,
and in Scarlett Jewel, because oops were unintentional in those very spots!
Love masking, do it all the time,
but Erin's video is full of designer tips worth noting!
Easy as 1, 2, ….6!

Catch it all here:


  1. Pretty card Nancy. I should have made a list of the steps too, cause it seems I missed a few... Oh well, it was fun anyway.

  2. I don't mean to be a bully to the others but nobody beats your copics. Ever.

  3. Ooh! this is so artsy~ I love it. You did well to cover your "oops" because I didn't see any. Isn't the topiary trio so fun to work with??

  4. Beautiful Nancy! Great take on the challenge!

  5. Always love your work...I'm a faithful RSS feed follower! :)

  6. Very pretty Nancy. Lots of details that keep you looking.

  7. Love this card with all the elements from the Ombré set! Beautiful creation Nancy!

  8. Fabulous card, Nancy. Love your final product, and all the steps you had to take to get there.

  9. Gorgeous card, Nancy! Yours really inspires me!
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Good morning. First face I saw was yours with and arrow on it! Nichole's blog!
    Easy as 123...6! That made me laugh! Love your card! This has so many wonderful layers and colors,it's gorgeous!

  11. Don't know how you keep doing it, but another beauty for the MIM challenge! It shines!

  12. So pretty! Such great layering and colors.

  13. Wow! Love your background, as well as the rest of the card! Great balance of design!

  14. I truly love this card! The ombré stamping in the background really adds to the overall composition of your card.

  15. LOVE how you incorporated all these steps in your beautiful work of art, Nancy! The Topiary Trio set is perfect for this technique