Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MIM #181: Paper Casting

Paper Casting with, of all things, toilet paper, is what we're asked
to use to create wondrous ornaments and tags.
Like I always do for PTI challenges, I grabbed a handful of
stamp sets I thought would work, and began,
according to directions on this video,

by Danielle.

I really didn't think I'd like love it as much as I did!
Just couldn't stop!

Image from Basket of Blessings & 8 sheets of TT.
That's it!
I did fussy cut a bit and add a tag, ribbon and a die cut from Embellished Elegance.
Can't wait to set my Thanksgiving Table with 20+ of these, and
have the fam ask how I made them!
(and with what!!!)
Danielle, you're a genius!


  1. Nancy!!!!! I love all of these! You made 20! So did you cut them while they wer wet ? Amazing and we will need to see a picture of that table !

  2. This is beautiful Nancy! Love the way you made It into a tag! You are right - making these is addictive, :) however after you make 20 for your table, you may be cured! :)

  3. Oh, I love all of these!! The first photo is so inspiring and the basket of blessings tag is amazing - so glad you had fun with it! Yay!

  4. So pretty. I love the Stained Glass ones.

  5. WOW! They are ALL so beautiful Nancy! And here I picked up my Stained Glass set and then put it back thinking it wouldn't work! Guess I need to get back to work and try again! Lovely, lovely job on all of them! :0)

  6. What fun, Nancy! These looks fabulous :)

  7. So beautiful - and totally inspiring - what a wonderful way to surprise your Thanksgiving guests!!

  8. Absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous, Nancy!!!! The detail in each stamp you chose is amazing. This is a grand slam! :D

  9. These are all gorgeous!!
    I'm lovin' that sunflower image above...
    and the stained glass...
    I think your family will be quite impressed! :)

  10. Oh Nancy, what beautiful ornament gifts you created! Love all of the stamps you used ~ they created such clear impressions. I may have to try this several more times to get it right ;-)

  11. Nancy...this is the BEST ever!! OMG girl, you really wowed me on this one...and apparently Nichole felt the same way!! This will be the showcase of your table setting I think!

  12. wow, your tag looks gorgeous! very beautiful! also the other hangers.
    (By the way... for the green I used green table napkins, but it doesn't work so well!)

  13. Man, these are gorgeous!! I can only aspire... (I mentioned you on my blog, in my post re:paper casting. Hope you don't mind!)

  14. These look amazing! Seriously loving them. I really have got to give this a try.

  15. Nancy...what a gorgeous set of tags!
    You certainly rocked this challenge!

  16. What a beautiful bunch of paper castings! I love that you used that basket image to make your T-Day table setting. With the addition of Embellished Elegance, it really ties it all together. This challenge was just a little too much fun! I too had to make myself stop, and move on to other projects!


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