Sunday, March 20, 2016

It's Kim's Birthday Hop!

Someone we all know and love is having a birthday, a BIG one! 
Celebrating with a blog hop in her honor
Happy Birthday Kim!

For You, Happy Birthday!
Hard to say it better than PTI and Enclosed: Present
A great big hug to Kay Miller whose gorgeous card during last Nov.'s Release
inspired my card.

Oh yes, inside too, and it's off to Kim with my love and best
for a wonderful year!
You can visit Kim on her blog at:


Would you like to wish Kim some birthday cheer? 
Hop along here on Kylie's blog:

And a big 'yeah' to Joyce & Kylie for putting this together!


  1. A beautiful card inside and out! Your cards are always so inspiring Nancy. I just love your style!

  2. What a beauty!!!! I just love that great big shaker gift box!!!

  3. Talk about a card being a gift unto itself! This is a PARTY, outside and in, Nancy! You did the fabulous Kay proud! And I don't know what more Kim could want than bubbles and streamers and festive colors!! (Head's up, I think you meant to say "Joyce and Kyle" at the end.) Hugs, Darnell

  4. Oh WOW!! This is fabulous!! I LOVE the outside with the present and then the inside? LOVE!!

  5. Wow, what an awesome design! Love all the confetti and the banners--perfect for a party! The shaker present is a great idea and finishing the inside makes it even more festive.

  6. So festive & fun--love the colors!

  7. Love the card you made for Kim! Inside and out beautiful just like Kim! I have this set and have made a few inspired by Kay too,don't think I have posted any .love the pink and the party on the inside!

  8. Such a pretty birthday card Nancy! So fun and festive! Makes me want to host a birthday party! Surely your friend will love this!

  9. Wow...your card is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. You are so sweet and kind to take the time to join the party. Thank you for making my birthday just that much more special.

  10. Festive and beautiful. I really love this colorful and happy card, and I am sure that Kim will also.

  11. Hope the birthday was lovely! Gorgeous pretty gal must have enjoyed a lot. My daughter is also insisting for her special day celebration. House parties are hectic and so much extra efforts are to be done. Thinking to hire one of the budgeted Chicago venues with sober décor. Snacks and juices will be ordered with cup cake. Cake design will be her favorite cartoon.


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