Saturday, August 3, 2013

MIM #127

One more post for the MIM this week, Double Backgrounds
Needed a card for someone I haven't seen for awhile,
plus, just got 'Simply Jane'. Cannot believe I'm so late with this beautiful set! 
Absoloutely love every stamp and saying included. 
BB woodgrain in fine linen was 1st, then the rose bouquet in lavender moon with bow in melon berry, all stamped on a slant.
Melon Berry dotted ribbon, frame gold embossed. Sweet ladies double embossed in a shimmery purple.
Sentiment also embossed in purple.
'Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?"
Oh Jane, you said it so sweetly!
Closeup shows the pop ups.
So simple, can't wait for the phone call, so we can 'catch up'!


  1. Beautiful, Nancy! Oh how I love the 'Simply Jane' set ~ may have to move it on up the Wish List after seeing your gorgeous card ;-)
    PS: thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, the mason jar is stamped on vellum

  2. oh, htis is gorgeous! THe background is just perfect for those stamps, and I hope you had fun catching up!

  3. I adore the metallics in this one. And the sentiment is so sweet. Love how the background looks like wallpaper in a Victorian house.