Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MIM #128 2nd Post

2nd Post for Papertrey's MIM: Stamping Random Backgrounds

Bookmark for grandson Nate. He'll certainly always know it's his!
Bookmark die cut in Teracotta Tile (Natey's favorite color is orange!)
Antique Alphabet and stars from Masculine Motifs.
Stars stamped with Platinum ink didn't show like I wanted, so outlined the stars with silver gel pen.
Inside glassine bag, just like his sister's, holds the bookmark.
Naturally more masculine look!
No frills for Nate. 
Love that this stamp set included a boy's image too.
Background stamps from Masculine Motifs
Still time to join the fun on Heather's blog!


  1. I love the stars and moons in the background, like the boy is dreaming away with his book. Your grandson will love this, so do I!

  2. I adore everything about this! But "Life is short. Read fast" just absolutely sends it over the top!

    Found you at the MIM challenge and had to come take a look at your other projects. So happy I did!

    I've just started my very first blog and would appreciate a visit and any suggestions you might have.


  3. Love this nancy. Wonderful card and bookmark. The stamped background matches the reading theme perfectly.

  4. Nate is going to love this! I love the idea of a matching bookmark, and think putting it into a glassine bag is a super idea! I'll have to get some of those...

  5. Your cards are always so well thought out! Every detail (down to the orange!) makes this very special.

  6. Pretty! I love your choice of stamps for the background!

  7. I have a lot of catching up to do as I have been out of town.
    Love this and I love the moon and stars in the background.Bet Nate loves it too.

  8. Wonderful card and bookmark for your grandson Nate! Love the colors, moon & stars and young man reading images :)

  9. Love the background and theme of this card ensemble! Fabulously done!

  10. Another great duo. I love that you are making back-to-school gifts for your grandkids.

  11. Wonderful colors and lovely background!

  12. This is precious! I am sure Nate will love it! How fun!

  13. Natey will absolutely love this. I think it will help him like to do his reading homework more, too. Don't tell his older sister but he reads faster than she does so I'm trying to encourage it! The boy sitting under the tree actually looks like his sweet little profile.