Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mixing Mists to Match

I loved this!
The first batch was with Scarlett Jewel. Pretty, and will use it later.
2nd try, was a mix like Melissa showed us.
We've had the most beautiful silver full moon for the past few days due to fires in Yosemite.
The smoke casts an aerie glow over the valley.
Thought of Halloween and came up with this.
My mist recipe is one I probably will never be able to reproduce!
Some ripe avocado, a bit of smokey shadow, and some perfect pearls thrown in, gold and copper.
I just kept adding til I got what I liked.
I cut the moon first from Limeaid Ice card stock, masked it with a 3 tree trunks from Mighty Oak,
did a handcut 'ground', and spritzed away!
I wish you could see the pearl effect, but my camera couldn't capture it this time of day.
I stamped the tree trunk in ripe avocado and stamped off the back 2 trees.
Boo is from Mr. Bones.
A few sequins, a Smokey Shadow card base and done.
Off to the next challenge!


  1. love your card - so perfect for Halloween!!

  2. Wow! You sure did rock this technique! I love all of the masking you did. Beautiful!

  3. Awesome! Now I want the mighty oak set.

  4. LOVE the misty trees in the background effect. So fun!