Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MIM #131: Striped Embossing

Betsy Veldman showed us how to stripe our embossed sentiments.
When she did it, everything looked easy. 
I just happened to have an idea for this challenge that I found hard to give up!
The finished product is NOT my first try.
Nor is it my second (or 3rd, etc.!)
I wanted to do a Halloween card.
Also a one layer, as Betsy did in her video.
Add to that a blackboard effect.
Throw in this week's challenge of triple embossing, and by evening of the first day,
all I wanted to do was leave the cave!
Wanted a candy corn effect on the Halloween, done with Headline Alphabet (PTI).
Problem 1: Not all Zing powders stick when applied to stamped card stock.
Problem 2: Much easier to pick a large image that is not in 9 pieces!
Not one to give in, I continued. 
Using phrases from Trick or Treat stamp set and Bubble Talk, I assembled my 'blackboard'.
Needed a bit of silly, so out came the web and spider from Mr. Bones.
Had to begin again, needed the spacing for said elements.
Not done.
Autumn Acorns to the rescue! Not happy with them stamped (chalked) in white.
Do over, this time in color.
Finally am I happy? Not really. 
But it is one layer, and the embossing IS striped.
Sort of a 'Shabby' Silly Halloweeny card. 
Good to keep around to remind me to KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid!)
Betsy, from me to you, wish I could be a fly on your shoulder to behold your genius at work!