Thursday, December 6, 2012

MIM #94 Detail Glitter Technique

Merriest of Christmas Seasons to all!
Erin Lincoln reminds us that a little glitter here and there adds sparkle to any project.
Deep in the middle of my grandchildren's cards, I decided to double duty.
Can you see the glitter?
Hint, it's in the center of each snowflake. With a twinkle on Santa's eyes and berries on his hat.
Santa is a big favorite at gma's house, cuz I made Father Christmas dolls for years.
Maybe in the next few days I'll post a few that still have a home with me.
Each of 10 grandchildren receive a special card this year.
With the help of Papertrey's Santa Claus stamp set, they will get a card with a postcard inside.
The stamp set really did the work for me. Such sweet images and phrases, who could resist
planning an eventful card that says, "you've been nice"?
Each will list 5 items they want, and Gpa and Gma will choose 1 (or 2) to give them for Christmas.
both sides of the postcard are decorated,
and the envelope even gets special treatment!
Now to address the adult cards!


  1. Hey Nancy! Wow. You`ve been really busy... Your grandchildren will be absolutely happy with these cards!

  2. These are absolutely charming, Nancy. And what a wonderful surprise for your grandchildren to receive in the mail. These are truly 'happy mail.'

  3. What an adorable set of cards. Your grandchildren are going to love them.

  4. I love this set, but what you have done is amazing - lucky grandkids!!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is overwhelmingly cool! I can't even imagine how exciting your grandkids will be! You really put a lot of love into these.

  6. This is so super cute and so pinned, Nancy! What a fabulous thing for you to do for the grandchildren and you also get to find out what they want from "Santa!" Brilliant!!

  7. I can say your grandkids were SUPER excited, but not more than their mom. :-) I made them read EVERY word on every stamp. The tiny paper clip with the ribbon was a great little touch, but nothing beat the "painted" santa. Absolutely beautiful.


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