Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MIM #187: Partial Die Cuts for the Holidays

Melissa Phillips shares her love for details in this week's MIM
at PapertreyInk.
If it's layered, detailed, blinged or beribboned, LOVE!

The holidays bring happy times for my family.
Cookie Exchanges, parties, (we have 3 birthdays in November, and 
4 birthdays in December!)
There are always gifts to give or exchange, so I was thrilled when Nichole introduced
the 'Canned' collection of stamps & dies.

The last time Melissa was in the spotlight, she painted and decorated her
food jar.
For this MIM, I want my contents to show, so, only the label is on the

I used PTI's Doilies dies, and the littlest snowflake from Fancy Flakes
 to do the partial die cuts on the top of the Folded Foodie tag.

The folded tag is decorated with the gingerbread man from: Tremendous Treats Christmas,
and a Pure Poppy button.

Jar Bonnet Collection for decorating the top of the jar.
His buttons are done with Viva Glass Effect Gel pen in Carmine.
(Love the way this comes out of the pen, and dries like a pearl!)

Gingerbread cookie mix in a jar ingredients are hand written (sad handwriting!),
easy breezy instructions.

Tag back. 
Canned has all the sweet sayings included.
Even that little flower on the top!

Target carries these 4oz. jars, perfect for including the 1/4 Cup molasses needed.
Except the butter, all the ingredients are included in the quart jar (also from Target).

The little molasses jar fits inside the filled quart jar perfectly!

Just create a well on top, and slip the little jar in!

These are really easy assembly line gifts for the holidays,
and who doesn't love the sweet contents
and their baked goodness?

I think it would be fun to include a little gingerbread man tied on
if you want to 'over the top' - it.
(Not at Target yet!)


  1. Awesome tags, and delicious-sounding cookies! Lucky recipients!!

  2. Such a sweet tag and lovely project.

  3. Awww Nancy... can I move in next door? I so adore this little gift idea! I may have to revisit this post for gift giving this year. So sweet. ~ Birgit

  4. Wonderful cookie jar (love that the molasses is included) and perfectly layered tag, Nancy!

  5. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy! Who could ever top this sweet packaging? I totally love it and your handwriting and the fact that you reminded me that I own that little gingerbread man from Tremendous Treats!! I was looking for one earlier this week.

  6. Oh how I love this gingerbread tag! Some great inspiration for my own food gifts.

  7. Awwwwwww...your tag just couldn't be any sweeter Nancy! And how perfect to go with the jar of cookie mix! (I LOVE gingerbread cookies, so if you have any extra, let me know and I'll send you my address!!) Sounds like your November and December will be filled with lots of celebrating, and these jars and tags will definitely go over big! :0)

  8. how delightful for the holidays....

  9. Nancy you are amazing! I love your little tags and all that go along with them. How sweet of you to share all the pictures of everything we need to make these wonderful gifts. I can’t wait to give it a try. I would never have thought that we could include the molasses in with the dry ingredients. Love this!

  10. Super cute projects! Love the sweet little gingerbread peep! Thanks for putting me into the holiday spirit!

  11. Very cute Nancy! Gotta love that little gingerbread man.

  12. Nancy this post is wonderful! Love your tags and the jar of ready-to-make cookies right down to the molasses too! You are so creative my dear! Love it all!

  13. your tags looking so gorgeous and what a great gift for the holidays. Perfect!


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