Sunday, July 24, 2016

SAF 2016: Color Blocking with Lexi Daly

More fun with Stamp-a-Faire, this card inspired by Lexi Daly,
who debuted a fantastic how-to video, showing us 
Color Blocking in the Andy Warhol style.
Lexi, your instructions were perfect! Move the panel, not the stamp
was brilliant, and so helpful!

A reminder that Andy Warhol chose an iconic image, and
repeated it, block print style, helped me choose Betsy's What the Doodle: Apple.
Remember, we have until Tues. morning to add our 'masterpieces'.


  1. Amazing card Nancy!! I started to buy this stamp set when it was released, then changed my mind. You have me rethinking LOL!!

  2. Stop! You are just way to smart for us all,coming up with such creative ideas! Love this beauty ,Nancy!

  3. wow! so creative and beautiful!

  4. Well, isn't this fun? Show-stopping technique, Nancy and worthy of a pin~

  5. so fun! i love the doodle apple done in andy warhol's style!! and "move the panel, not the stamp" is a great phrase - glad the instructions helped!!


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