Monday, September 5, 2016

5 Coinpurses

Had a busy labor day, working on coin purses for my 5 granddaughters.
They will have a little surprise inside, and be a back to school gift.
(Still thinking of something for the 6 boys!)

PapertreyInk Coin Purse die, and a new die set for me, 
Stitched Folk Flower.
Also added a few blooms from: Sewing Staples: Floral Clusters. 
On a few of them, wool felt scraps, I had tucked away.

1st one I did, with the whole large die of Folk Flowers.
Didn't like the placement, (a bit high).

Moving the whole die down, and putting a bandaid on the bottom,
so as not to cut holes where I didn't want them,
I ran the top (Pinefeather) through my die cutter.

Much better!
A few seed beads dress it up a bit.

Decorated the inside corner with a red bloom.

It was so easy doing them from now on! 

Melon Berry, Terracotta Tile, & Aqua Mist.

This one in plum & white wool felt (my stash), & Scarlett Jewel.


Love the Sweet Blush felt with the plaid.

Inside with a single bloom.

And a look at the open purses, with a bit of detailing in each corner.

Honestly, when you find a design you like, it's hard to stop! 
And setting up an assembly line, you move rather quickly.

Hope you've enjoyed a peek at my 'labor day'.
And hope yours was just as crafty!

Since the dies I used (PTI's Sewing Staples: Floral Clusters) was a 
NBUS, also entering this post in Darnell's Challenge'
where it's 'anything goes'.


  1. Oh my goodness Nancy, these are exceptional!! Your granddaughters are going to love these. Beautifully done, each and every one!!

  2. Nancy, these are so amazing! I'll put my order in for one of each, please. :0) What a sweet gift idea for your granddaughters. They'll love them!!

  3. Nancy as you know I saw all of these on Instagram and gasped at each one !!!!! I think they are all fanatic and gorgeous! I love the fabrics you used for each one! You are so lucky to have all weekend to craft each one is perfectly sewn! I'm so happy I received my die last week,but too busy and only made one! You rocked these coin purses......can you tell how much I LOVE them!!!!!! Your granddaughters will love them ,I know my 3 year old grand daughter loved hers!

  4. Fantastic laugh out loud !!!!!! I was so excited I didn't recheck before pressing post

  5. Oh my gosh Nancy...these are all incredible! You are putting me to shame here as I've had my coin purse die for a long, long time now, and haven't made a single purse yet! (Maybe by the time Addy turns 3 I'll have one made for her!!) But seriously, these are all just absolutely GORGEOUS and I'm loving all the detail on each one! Love the scrap wool felt you used too! Lovely, lovely purses and your granddaughters are just going to LOVE them!! :0)

  6. Beautiful work! I love the mix of colors and the floral groupings.

  7. These are so amazing Nancy! I love the real wool you used in them! Your granddaughters are going to love them for sure!

  8. I want one!!!!!! Haha! These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Your granddaughters are gonna love these!!!!

  9. Wow, you've done such a beautiful job with these! I love the colors and patterns! Your granddaughters are going to be thrilled!

  10. Wonderful! Your granddaughters will surely flip over these. What sweet little gifts!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nancy! Wow...these are incredible! I am afraid if I got these dies, I would stop stamping altogether. Heaven knows, I have enough felt to make an army of purses! Your attention to detail is amazing! Just beautiful!


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