Monday, April 6, 2020

John 10:10

It's Easter week around this globe, and some, if not most will miss gathering in
person to worship the risen Lord. Our church, a gathering of about 500, meet on
First Street... Hence we are called, First Street Church. My son Ryan co-pastors with
 Joe Basile, 2 young men, filled with God's Spirit and enough Godly love 
to go around the globe twice!
I love our church. I love the people in our church. We love the neighborhood
around our church. So we planned a huge Easter extravaganza for the kids.
Then the virus came...
No Easter celebration.
No church service. 

So the pastors and worship team started an online service, one on Sunday at
10:00, and 2 midweek. Interactive Bible study and just to chat. (The link is 
that number below if you'd like to visit) 

The day is coming, and I hope soon, when we can once again gather at my sweet
church. Meanwhile I am thankful for so many of God's provisions, family,
and for His promises too as we live on a planet coping with separation.
One of my cherished blessings is sharing our card making with so many
wonderful friends! Do you have a prayer need? I'd love to pray with you and
for you. You can message me through my Facebook, Nancy Penir.

Happy, Healthy Easter Season to you.
Remember: He died to give us life, and that life in abundance!
                                                John 10:10

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  1. What a beautiful card Nancy! We've been watching weekly Mass online. Easter will be lonely without our usual houseful, but we're all healthy, and I'm thankful for that. XO

  2. This is so beautiful Nancy. I'm thankful to be able to watch our church service online as well. Easter will certainly be different than what we're used to this year, but back on that very first Easter, the disciples were locked up in their house too, living in despair and fear. God's got this and together we'll get through it. Sending you hugs my friend.

  3. Nancy, beautiful cards and wonderful message! He still lives, in each of us! Blessings to you and your family! Heart hugs, Colleen


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