Friday, January 8, 2021

Thank you card


Greetings my friends, and welcome January 2021.
I have a card to share today made for a special lady, who just happens to be my 

Imagine how surprised and delighted on Christmas Day, when my 15 year old 
granddaughter, Reagan, gifted me with a handmade throw. 

She called her craft, finger weaving, and she even bought the yarn herself!
I love it! Soft and warm, she couldn't t have given me anything I'd prize more!

After the family left grandpa and grandma's house over Christmas, I made Reagan
a thank you card, complete with tearstained message inside. (I'll spare you the deets!)

I loved the Greetery's Snowflake dreamcatcher, and used it over an
inked Square-dance die cut. The dangling 3 feathers were gold dip
embossed. And the Opposites Attract 'thank you' fit perfectly. 

Love that bit of sparkle on the tips of the feathers.

The joy of knowing I've passed on my love of handmade arts to my grandchildren
is a treasure that I hold in my heart!

Enjoy those dear to you, friends. Spend time showing what is real, and lovely,
and worth pursuing. May you reap the rewards of sowing into those you love!

Thank you for visiting, and hope you can spend some time enjoying this
crafty goodness of card making too! 


  1. Sweetest and most cherished gift ever!! And a perfect teen card!

  2. Marisela Delgado said: Good morning, Nancy! Such a beautiful throw. How lovely that your granddaughter made that for you. How wonderful to have a special bond like that. Sadly, my grandmother wanted nothing to do with me, but, oh, how I would've loved to have had a grandma like you! Marisela P.S. Are there still fires in CA? I hope not.

  3. A wonderful gift for a crafting, artist nana! She has learned well the value of handicraft. You are truly loved. For several years now when school was on site my oldest grandson gave me his school Christmas project which I continue to wear or display on a special shelf. He notices each visit and beams with pride.

  4. A lovely card for you Granddaughter. What a beautiful gift from her. I received a blanket from my Granddaughter too. She made blankets for all of us out of flannel material and then tied on the edges. I don't know what that is called as I am not into material or knitting type crafts. But we all appreciated that she handmade them. Hope all is well with you.

  5. I'm a little behind on my commenting...having a hard time getting back into the swing of things here, but couldn't let this post go by without a comment! The blanket is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and what a treasured gift from your granddaughter! I love that she's following in her grandmother's footsteps and loves to craft! I'm already seeing signs that my 6 year old granddaughter loves the arts, so hopefully as soon as this pandemic subsides, we can get together again and play in my craft room together!! Your card is absolutely beautiful too and I'm sure your granddaughter loved both the outside and the heartfelt thank you message inside! Lovely, lovely post my friend!! Hugs. :0)

  6. Oh how beautiful is the knitted throw from your granddaughter! And how very special that she made it! The sweet card is a thank you 'gift'~so pretty!


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