Thursday, February 7, 2013

PTI MIM Double Die cuts

Well I missed entering another card for the anniversary challenge, but it has a die cut so it's going in MIM challenge!
Thats Maile's freebie with hearts die cut out of a Limitless Layers circle die.
Here's another of the freebie prints I made using the printout for my card.
My sister's birthday is Sunday. She's really a twin, born 3 years after me! But we look way too much alike. She has the gift of never meeting a stranger, and she's blessed with the greatest sense of humor.
Erin's freebie is my sister Peggy! She brings joy to everyone!
Erin, I love this guy! I printed him several times.
He will be well used!
At my grandchildren's Disney costume birthday party, she came at 'Cruela d' Ville!
I was Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. Perfect casting!
Alisa is the 4th of my 5 children. She was Alice in Wonderland.
She is the mother of 3 of my 10 grandchildren.
My sister was the hit of the party! Throughout the evening she went around saying, "I like puppies!"
Erin, thank you for an image that truly represents a flamboyant super star like my sister!
One more card from the freebie printout.
Lizzie Jones created this perfect little lovely birthday candle set.
It's ready for someone special. I popped up the center and covered the candles with Aleene's Paper Glaze and a sprinkling of Fairy Dust.
While we should all be wishing Papertrey a happy anniversary, they continue to wow all of us with contests and prizes! Isn't this just the most fun!


  1. What a fabulous tribute to your sister. I bet having a little sister like her growing up was both a curse and a blessing. I have a similar little sister.

    I really like the way you worked with the chevrons and patterned paper. They're a perfect complement to the candles.

  2. I love the candles! I know you just threw it in there at the end but it was darling. I think the flamingo card was great because it was so out of your style! The details were all there, just like you usually add (the pearl necklace and the string in his mouth?? Hilarious), but the colors and the patterns and simplicity were out of the norm for you, my always amazing mom. STILL, perfectly done.

  3. love the photo of your sister and the card you made - both look fabulous and fun!

  4. Such fun cards. I especially like the flamingo how you framed the flamingo with the square stamps and patterned paper. Your sister makes an awesome Cruela and your daughter is a beautiful Alice. The whole idea of the party sounds awesome.