Sunday, August 27, 2017

SAF '17 Natasha Trupp and 5th Anniversary: Wood

5th Anniversary Tradition is wood, and Natasha encourages us to use the texture
wood offers. I used PTI's Wood stencil, and some silver embossing paste mixed with
a deep brown black walnut ink. It basically turned the ep pewter. Not too happy with 
the results, but I used it anyway.

Twig Wreath, Kind of Corny


  1. I don't know the color you were going for, but this looks good to me! I love fall so much and this has me longing for it. I sure hate to see summer slip away. But there's something so wonderful about the bright blue September skies and the cooler temps without humidity that make my heart happy!

  2. I like the end result! It's a very striking background!

  3. Another stunning you noticed I am making my way though all your projects.

  4. Beautifully designed, Nancy. I love your originality with every card creation!


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