Thursday, August 7, 2014

MIM #175 Creative Card Borders Using Non-Border Dies

I just love Dani's tutorial on creating borders with non-border dies.

This morning I went visiting, and enjoyed a look see at Joyce M.'s blog,
She treats us to a post of 4 cards, and one that's in the MIM lineup
this week, using Topiary Trio as the border for her card.
What a wonderful network of talent we share, we who love
cards and treating them as art!
I don't say enough how much inspiration I glean from all of you!
Whenever the well runs dry, I go visiting...
and end up full of new ideas!
August is an anniversary of sorts. 
3 years ago I started a blog.
And a hobby/obsession/love for all things paper!
Thank you to all who fill my days with joy!
You know who are... if I've ever commented on your creation, YOU have brought me joy!
So, Happy Anniversary to me,
and here's another card for MIM, a card for my daughter-in-law, celebrating a bd this month.

Couldn't help using Topiary Trio, just like Joyce did!

Pretty much all Papertrey
Cardstocks, Inks, dies,
and Topiary Trio as a border.

Inside, a bit of room to add a note.
Like I said, love using my dies for borders.


  1. Such a pretty card! Love MIM for inspiration and new-to-me techniques!
    Happy Anniversary to you and happy b'day to your DIL!!

  2. Beautiful card, Nancy. But, your's always are! :)

  3. This is a beautiful card! I really like the topiary and loved that you stamped it on the inside, also. The colors are lovely as well.

  4. Never thought I really needed this stamp set, but after seeing your card (and Joyce's), I think it needs to be added to the wish list! Your card is beautiful, and I'm sure your DIL will love it! Congratulations on blogging for 3 years and thank you for ALL the inspiration you've given me over the almost 2 years I've been blogging! In fact, I'll be mentioning you in my blog tomorrow as you inspired the card I'll be sharing using the rustic wreath die...thank you, thank you ahead of time! :0)

  5. This is so beautiful. I love how you used that topiary with the three blooms. I was not sure about getting the spacing right, but you did it. So many great touches on this card--the little heart, the embossing on vellum, and that fabulous tag. This is such a work of art, and thanks so much for the shout out.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Nancy! Your blog is always a source of inspiration to me! The thing I liike the most about your cardmaking is that you never "just call it in". You're always there in person, using 100% of your creativity. This card is no exception. Love what you've done with Topiary Trio here; gorgeous card.

  7. Happy Third Anniversary Nancy! You have inspired all of us with your beautiful layered creations! Thank You!
    Love this card with all the beautiful layers,that velvet bow is gorgeous! I agree Joyce sure has some wonderful creations... she inspired me the other day as well!

  8. Nancy, you always have a fresh way of looking at these challenges! Happy Blogiversary!

  9. Nancy great use of the topiary. Amazing card, it's beautiful. Thanks for commuting on my blog.

  10. Nancy, so pretty, inside and out.

  11. Well, if this isn't brilliant, I don't know what is!! Using that topiary as your border piece and then setting it off with the rest of your magnificent card just makes my eyes pop in amazement, Nancy! You rock!! Hugs, Darnell

  12. This card is so pretty and packed with great ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! You always write such nice things:-)