Friday, August 22, 2014

SAF 2014 Friday Night Meet & Greet!

Good Friday evening to you!
It's Friday night and that means it's time
for the long awaited PTI SAF meet & greet.

My craft room is neat and ready to go (as neat as I can get it!)
Spent today getting my supplies together.
Looking forward to a day of crafting.
Hugs until tomorrow!


  1. Nancy so fun to see your beautiful photo! Your room is all ready to go and is so lovely! Looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow! :) Jill

  2. Hope you have a blast!! What a beautiful smile Nancy.

  3. Nancy your are BEAUTIFUL! I thought I was going to get to play this year,my computer is not working and then we decided to help out our daughter. A few blog friends and I will be catching up on Wenesday!
    Your room looks great....I will look at your beautiful cards and comment later ...just wanted to say hi!

  4. Hope you had a fabulous day!


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