Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF 2014 Closing

All 9 of the challenge cards in the only clean room in the house!
It's been a fabulous Stamp-A-Faire, the best yet!
Thank You to all who made it possible. 
Can't wait to go back and fill in all the little details,
and maybe do a few more cards!

Time to unpack my bags (uh, clean the craft room...)

A few winks before I start the blog hop...


  1. Oh I think this is the best photo ! It is exactly how I felt when I finished. Your cards are absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back for inspiration and to pin.Greetings from Ireland.

  2. love all your SAF cards- enjoy the rest!

  3. Love your pic! You are a better woman than I am! Your cards are amazing.


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