Monday, August 25, 2014

SAF 2014 Time After Time

Our final card challenge from the Stamp-A-Faire
is called Time After Time,
and we are to choose a card from our beginnings with card making,
and re-do, hopefully better, pointing to improvements.

The original is a card made with one of my first PTI stamp sets, Frilly Flowers.
I won't bore you with details, but,
 it's oversized, 
over colored,
and over embellished.
and you can't even find the sentiment!
(No wonder I never sent it!)

I still enjoy the elements of color and layering,
but all the fabulous MIM techniques of quiet and thoughtful
placement of the elements,
with the sentiment as the star,
have hopefully not been wasted on me!

I thought it only fitting to use the free stamp set included in this year's SAF kit,
and together with a few rainstones and a die cut frame from Betsy's Shakers and Sprinkles,
my recreation allows my sentiment to shine.
It, by the way, says exactly how I feel about the joy of the past 3 days.
Yes, 3!
There were definite times I had to search for JOY!
My computer crashed on Friday night,
family showed up on Saturday,
Sunday afternoon was spent in the Apple Store, 
(finding a fix for my mac)
and today Monday, my craft room, though a mess, is the best looking room in the house!
(Family left last night)

So, I plan to spend this Monday re listening to 
all the fabulous videos,
playing all the wonderful music,
while I do a few more cards,
catching up to all my stamping bff 's cards,
and commenting,
and commenting,
and definitely finding my joy today!

Papertrey, you're the tops!


  1. Beautiful job, Nancy. You should be proud of all your great work.

  2. Nancy,I always love your projects. I would love to see pictures showing the rest of your studio, or craft room.

  3. I actually happen to love your original card, but the remake is just too fab for words. Why oh why didn't I order on Saturday so that I could earn this stamp set? You rock, Nancy!

  4. Love, love, love the new version card


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