Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAF 2014 The 60's with Erin Lincoln

Challenge 12 with Erin Lincoln has us thinking 60's radical!
We're encouraged to actually clash our colors, chose non-symmetry, and
think about a time when rebellion was norm!
Really, Erin... I'm a grandma now!
But... how quickly it all came back (tee hee!)
You know I actually HAD an avocado refer? (refrigerator!)

Erin provides all the shapes, dies, patterns I needed to make this card.
Can't wait to play with more of this set. 
Wonderful tutorial, Erin!


  1. Perfection! I need to lift this:).

  2. As some of us used to say as a very high compliment: DIG IT!!

  3. Love your card, nancy. Isn't that the Lost in Space font? Pretty close to it, if it's not!