Saturday, August 26, 2017

SAF '17 with Stephanie Gold: Cotton

Stephanie Gold in her very 1st SAF, made a glittery card full of cotton candy!
Well, it certainly looked every bit like the real thing.
One of the things she showed us on her video, was applying glitter.
And that's one of the things I used on this card.

Using double sided tape in 1/4 & 1/2", I sprinkled on black German Glass Glitter, pressing it
down for even cover. Stephanie suggests topping off with GA to seal it. I didn't. 
My cotton is cotton string, dyed with Terracotta Tile reinker. Rather turned out pink, but like
the ombre effect on the string.
Gran's Garden & Scripted

Projects coming soon! Isn't this fun? 
Back in a flash.


  1. Such rich color on this.....cannot wait to get my Gran's Garden set! Like the black glitter on the sides.

  2. Gorgeous design, Nancy, love your glitter on the side, really draws your eye in to those gorgeous flowers!

  3. Gorgeous card, Nancy! Love the colors and the sparkly glitter.

  4. LOVE how you did the glitter stripes. Very cool!!

  5. Gorgeous Thanksgiving card, Nancy. LOVE that black glitter and the pretty blooms from Gran's Garden!