Friday, August 31, 2018

12 Kits of Occasions August '18

Hi there! Welcome to August's 12 Kits post.
Our hostess this month is my dear friend, Birgit Norton from Crafting While I Wait,
and she blessed us all with fairies and mermaids and gnomes and...
well, just have a look

I have to lead with my favorite, already in the hands of a granddaughter, who 
didn't judge a hill while scootering down a bit too fast. 
One broken wrist later, and a trip to ER, she
has to wear a cast for 6 weeks! She's only 9, poor thing.
Birgit's sweet kit came in handy for 'mermaid kisses' from grandma.
PTI Reef Builders and Text & Texture: Ocean, Salt Air: Fauna

Wish you could see the sparkle on this winsome fairy. This also went to my little Noelle,
along with a Fairy cookbook. We love to bake when she comes for a visit.

Lots's of Lindy's Starburst Spray

Isn't she a hoot? A fairy struttin' her stuff! And a cupcake too!

Adore these MFT Magical Dragons, and gave them a royal setting.

I put one of the tiny fairies from the kit in the pumpkin coach, and renamed her 'Cinderella'. 
PTI: Bold Borders: Foliage frame

Closeup of her sparkling coach and cast off glass slipper.

A big Thank You Birgit, for a magical kit! Loved every bit, and boy did it come in
handy for a granddaughter with a wounded limb... and saved some 
to play with later! Hooray!

Don't dare miss the other designers, and Birgit brought in a guest too,
our friend Kara Lynn from Bright Hope Creations. Truly, Kara's coloring skills are 
magical! Can't wait to see what she did with the kit. And all my teammies too!


  1. Oh my goodness Nancy I'm in awe of all your beautiful creations! First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your little granddaughter. Poor little thing! I hope she heals quickly, especially with school starting up again. The mermaid card you made for her is just darling and I'm sure it gave you both some good smiles. The tiny fairy card is so dreamy and adorble and I love that you found a fairy cookbook to gift along with it. What a sweet gift idea!! The Wish Big fairy IS a hoot and I just love what you did with her. She still makes me chuckle every time I see her. Pairing the dragons with the castle and the Cinderella card are brillliant as well as magical. So, so clever of you! I love the glass slipper on the mushroom. Honestly Nancy, I love the way you think!! All of your cards are beautifully done my friend. (hugs)

  2. Nancy, you do have a way of telling a fairy tale with every one of your darling creations this month. Magical, marvelous, fantastic fairy-tale gorgeousness - and a good chuckle with that buxom beauty - so happy I saved her!
    Oh I feel so badly for your little sweetie - isn't it wonderful how quickly they heal? Let us know if you'd like each of us to send her a feel-better card!

  3. WOW...can definitely tell you had FUN with this month's awesome kit Nancy!! LOVE every single magical card you made and am definitely loving all the glitter and FABULOUS color! Love, LOVE the card you sent to your granddaughter...I'm sure she LOVED it!! I hope she heals quickly too...what a tough break right before school starts!! Your buxom beauty is totally a hoot and gave me a good chuckle this morning...LOVE her!! And your dragon card and Cinderella card are both absolutely MAGICAL!! FABULOUS post my friend...LOVED it ALL!! :0)

  4. many amazing and magical cards! Love them all! But your sweet mermaid card is just over the top fabulous! And your Cinderella card is my favorite, just love how you used all the beautiful fall colors to create this, over the top fabulous! Each one of your cards is a masterpiece, so beautiful!

  5. My jaw is dropping with every one of these creations, Nancy! Talk about magical! You have such a unique way of blending elements together to create amazing scenes! Your coloring is beautiful and your color combinations are brilliant! I love how you put the crown on the dragon, and your carriage looks like sugared marzipan!

  6. forgot to say that yes, we should share Disney stories! I love Disneyland and would live there if I could. It's my favorite vacation spot! Can't wait to chat!

  7. Oh Gosh.. I thought you had me with the rainbow hair on the mermaid.. and then I start scrolling.. you made such cute little scenes.. the fairy standing on the mushrooms, the dragons in the forest out side the castle.. and then I reach the fall cinderella scene... you just took my breath away.. the glittery carriage and little shoe on the mushroom ! You stole the show Nancy!

  8. Nancy, I am so sorry for your granddaughter but lucky her and YOU to have at your fingertips these awesome magical fairies from the kit. You really worked your magic and made awesome cards!

  9. Fabulous cards! Pinned that mermaid card as my granddaughter has chose mermaids as the theme for her 7th birthday party in September. Hope she's hanging in there with the broken wrist! What a way to start the school year.

  10. WOW!! Your cards are amazing!! I Love the whimsical themes of each of your cards!!

  11. Layer upon layer of magical awesomeness! The scene you created for your granddaughter puts The Little Mermaid to shame! Sure hope your little one heals quickly. I like the way you've colored Edna, she is a hoot and a half isn't she! But my favorite is the delightful and enchanting dragon card, so sweet!

  12. Wow, Nancy! You've done a truly amazing job with Birgit's kit! You've put together such sweet scenes with fabulous coloring and lots of sparkle. Love all your wonderful details. Your darling dragon design is especially adorable! Hope your granddaughter heals quickly. I'm sure having such a wonderful grandmother sending charming cards helps!!

  13. Oh no... your poor granddaughter at such a young age. I’m glad she will be ok. Love the background you Gave the mermaid,so happy I have those dies now. You surly worked wonders with Birgit’s darling kit! Love the clouds on the fairy card and I can see the shimmer on her wings ....beautiful! It’s so hard to get it to show up. Sorry I’m so late to comment

  14. Absolutely love them all, but I have to say I'm partial to that fabulous mermaid, too. Your story brings such a sweeter meaning to mermaid kisses. I hope she mends quickly! This fairy tale themed kit was just perfect for your hands that always seem to create magic!


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