Tuesday, August 7, 2018

MIM with Michelle: Petite Pattern Play

Michelle Leone shows us how to create pattern in our background on this
Monday's tutorial at PTI.

I loved this easy and quick way to make an impact on our cards.
Out came the new Orchid Expressions. I played with the flowers, changing
the colors of the petals. The options are endless!

I think I used every shade of PTI ink! Really easy to stamp with my Misti.

In case you don't know this little trick, here's a way to stamp a bunch of the same images 
quickly and perfectly. 
Die cut the image.
Place it back into the cut cardstock, held in place with your misti magnets.
Line up your stamp,
And... stamp! Replace with next die cut, and the image is stamped perfectly,
over and over and over.

This was my favorite orchid color combo. First stamped with Orchid Allure,
then Raspberry Fizz. The blend of the 2 inks made this gorgeous plum on the die cut.

A left over piece from Pierced Feature Frames provided the rectangle
and I drew the inside lines with a pencil.

The butterfly from Quilted: Summer reminded me of a mini block print,
and lined up well within my masked off rectangle.

So quick and easy, I did a 2nd card using kraft, and the 'thank you' setntiment.

Such a fun technique! Can't wait to 'plant' more orchids!

Friends, I'm sure you've heard of the horrific fires here in California.
They say 20% of our state is on fire. Our home is in a valley near Yosemite, where
one fire is close and hardly contained. 
Our air is so bad, and the heat doesn't help those poor firefighters.
Please pray for containment, relief from the spread of more destruction,
and especially for those heroes on the front lines.
Thank you! 


  1. Oh boy did you ever nail this week's MIM and those orchids ~ WOW!!! All affected by these fires have been in my thoughts and prayers. I can't even imagine...

  2. Hi Nancy! I love your orchids! So pretty with the butterfly pattern, what a great choice. And I LOVE your Kraft design too!! Beautiful work. :) P.S. I make my multiple images, just like you. Isn't the Misti the bomb?

  3. Scrumptious colors! You're going to have lots of fun creating more cards with these blooms. Living in southern Oregon we've had two summers now with smoky skies but not the complete devastation your state keeps going through. Praying you get some relief and of course, for the brave heroes fighting the fires.

  4. Lovely, Nancy! All the gorgeous colors!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful cards Nancy!! And I love how you stamped so many variations of the Orchids...those are going to be fantastic for when you need a quick card!! And the color combinations are FABULOUS!! Your butterfly background is SOOO pretty and just a perfect backdrop in both cards for those lovely, lovely orchids!! You definitely nailed this challenge!! We've been watching the fires on the news and I wondered how close they were to you...totally sending LOTS of prayers that you and your family stay safe and for all the rest affected by the fires too! Hang in there and I hope a BIG rainstorm comes soon!! Love ya!!

  6. Yes, I think I like the orchids in purple the best too. Such a lovely card, Nancy! My prayers to you that the fires will be put out soon and your home will be spared. Be safe! I live in California too. >.<

  7. WOW! So beautiful and I agree those orchids look amazing in every color but the purple is simply stunning!

  8. My prayers are with you and who are going through this terrible plight.
    Your cards are lovely and I love the background from Quilted Summer - it works perfectly.

  9. Oh so beautiful Nancy. My 3 favorites, purple, flowers and butterflies. Both are lovely, but as you can guess, the purple is my favorite.
    Prayers to you and to those who are in harms way.

  10. Oh my! I LOVE all the extra dies you made. They just looks so gorgeous framing your gorgeous card. I just got these stamps and dies via Texas via Vancouver, BC. My sis brought them up for me! Your stamping is inspiring to get inky with them! Thanks :)

  11. Oh Nancy, these are all gorgeous! You certainly did enjoy planting all those lovely orchids in every color. The blend of Orchid Allure and Raspberry Fizz is so vibrant and bold. Your cards are stunning and how wonderful that you have all those other orchids to get creative with. Beautifully done my friend!

  12. Pretty card. Love the colors on this!

  13. STUNNING cards! Yours always are. You make BEAUTIFUL cards, every time!!!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous card, Nancy! Beautifully done!

  15. Nancy, you have convinced me that orchids can be any color as shown by your stunning color combinations. Both cards are very striking but shades of purple always win out for me. With all the florals in my stash, I need to just sit and play with multiple colors. Praying for your safety and those fighting such devastating fires!

  16. Gorgeous inspiration here today, Nancy! I need to stamp multiples of my flowers and just keep them on hand instead of re-inventing the wheel each time I use a set :-) These Orchids are beautiful and they have moved up to the top of my Wish List now.
    Watching the fires on National news and my church has included all of CA in our daily prayers. I am saying a few extra prayers for you, your loved ones and the brave firefighters.


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