Thursday, May 2, 2019

Let Us Rejoice & Be Glad

Hello everybody! 
Just a post today celebrating Betsy Veldman's new shop, the Greetery.
Her first release is over the top wonderful, and I was fortunate to purchase 
some of my favorites the first night. I say some, because there are a few more
in my cart and on my wishlist, because the some ran out. While
I'm overjoyed for Betsy, I'm longing for more. Honestly loved every one!

I've been playing with Botanicuts Succulents and a new to me watercolor/ink set
from Ecoline. Dawn McVey used them during the release, and the intensity caught
my eye. They are indeed bright, and mix well with water. I cut my petals from 
watercolor cardstock (Arches Coldpress). Like I said, first time using these, and 
they did take a bit getting used to.

Betsy's Terrarium die is just the most clever most versatile piece in the bunch!
So excited to have it, and cut it in several pieces of shimmer cardstock.

The terrarium can be separated so that the back is solid, while the front wire can be
anything from a window to a shaker. I added some real sand to my terrarium
before tucking in my 3 succulents.

A snippet of macrame finished the top.

Other Greetery products: Comforting Commands, & Fleur Impressions.

Each sentiment from Comforting Commands fits nicely in the top of
the terrarium, and I plan to do a set of these for a friend at church.

Beginning to see the Greetery on Pinterest and Instagram. Guess I'm
not the only fan!

Have a great weekend. Hope it's crafty!


  1. This is amazing Nancy! Love the colors and your pretty snippet of macrame!

  2. I just received my order this afternoon too. I wasn't able to order as much as I would have liked but did get the small terrarium and succulent dies. Love your amazing card! The touch of macrame is perfect! Wasn't the ordering and service awesome too. Betsy has done everything just right!!!

  3. No, you're not the only one! Hard to get anything now, but I'm so happy for Betsy! No doubt you have been responsible for many more people adding this to their wish lists, Nancy! Your design is sensational and I love the vibrancy and hues you achieved with those new inks!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. This is gorgeous, Nancy! Your succulents look much better than mine. lol Love the watercolor and can't wait to try it. So happy for Betsy and her new venture.

  5. Weren't the succulents just a blast to color and play with?! And yes, the terrarium too! I was one of the lucky ones to order right away at 10:00AM and was able to get everything I wanted, although I didn't get the Panda and now I'm wishing I had! My desk is covered with the flowers right now (SOOOO fun to mix and match different color combo's on them!), and as soon as I get them made into cards I'll start on those beautiful tree stamps and stencils of Betsy's! Let me know if I can stamp anything for you until more stock comes back in! But anyway, your card is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Nancy! Those water colors really are bright and intense, and I just might have to try a few of them out! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Take care. :0)

  6. Wow...this is one amazing card! Just love how you used Betsy's incredible stamps.

  7. Wowza! This is stunning! My order arrived last week but I've yet to get inky with them. Those watercolors look amazing!

  8. Love the bright colors you achieved! Can't wait to play with mine!


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