Thursday, August 13, 2020

Just Peachy

During the Greetery's latest release, Betsy created a stunning card using the rails from
the Create-a-Crate die set.
And I did something I never do... I just had to case that card!

Betsy's started with a crisp white background, and she dry embossed it with one of the 
dies in the set. I used Kraft card stock, and stamped a wood grained image from a 
Concord & 9th set, with white ink. 

Then from there it's pretty much Betsy's card! The peach lineup, the droplets 
of white, even the triplet die cut sentiment. I thought, 'why mess with 
The peach stamp is a 3 step process, and half way through several
peaches, I thought of lifting some of the ink with a small dauber. It
becomes even more dimensional with that small step.

We care for and nurture a half a dozen peach trees on our property, 
that ripen throughout the summer. Peach jam, peach crisp, peach syrup, and
peach tea, are just some of the goodies to make with peaches.
The Greetery's Peachy Keen is a stamp set that's dear to my peach
loving heart! 

Are there summer fruits you wait all year for? Apricots, plums, nectarines
and peaches, and don't forget cherries and figs... seriously couldn't live without

Blessings friends!


  1. Wow Nancy, this is beautiful! I can see why you wanted to CASE Betsy's card!

  2. Very nice!! Awesome coordination for your peach trees and homemade goodies!

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and just as lovely as Betsy''ve CASE'd it to perfection Nancy!! And you've got me curious about the peach tea and peach do you make peach tea and what do you use the peach syrup on? Peaches are a favorite of mine too and I love to make peach pie and peach dump cake. And now I'm hungry for something peachy!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!! Hugs. :0)

  4. Summer in a card. And all the peaches and pinks are perfect with those green leaves.


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