Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Hi there! Finally got a day to play with the Greetery's Curio set, and it took me
most of the day to complete this card. There's many pieces, once you combine the
sets, and I kept playing with ideas, die cuts, and colors.

The details in the the sets are wonderful! What you choose to include in your curio
is your choice.

A front view shows the my curio closed, with elements of summer collecting.

My curio 'opens', and has a butterfly on the outside as well as on the inside. There's even
a bee in a bottle. Such adorable details! The door idea was 'borrowed' from Norine Hope's
release card. 

Such fun to make. More of a showpiece than a card to send, but it does fit an A2 envelope.

I have so many pieces left over,  I think I'll make one more! Hope #2 goes quicker!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Your curio turned out wonderful! I love your arrangements, backgrounds and the color you chose for each piece. It’s a card with so many beautiful details, I can understand why it took most of your day. The first time I work with a new stamp and/or die set, it takes me most of the day too. But it’s easier the 2nd time because I have a better understanding (hopefully)and xtra die cuts. Thanks for sharing your lovely curio Nancy, you really captured the summer feeling. 😊❤️ PS Love your bee outside the door!

  2. Woops, I meant butterfly 🦋. ☺️

  3. Thanks, Stephanie. I do have a lot of leftovers. Planned to cleanup, but think I'll do another card! Perfect excuse to postpone cleaning!


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