Friday, July 30, 2021

Well now, what do you do with several leftover die cuts from the previous card post?
Make another card!

I had so many pieces from the last Curio card, (told you, it took most of the day
to create the card!), that I just had to make another. This time with dark blue
cardstock for my frame. I applied clear embossing powder for a sheen.

I'm kinda obsessed with the vignettes, and love creating individual backgrounds for
each one.

The floral bouquet is stamped from the Holding Hands set, the 'greens' from
All Blessings Flow. And of course the stamped stamp from Pretty Postmarks.

Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone, but in my previous post I put the hinges on backward. 
Just had to show, they were removed and glued on proper! Honestly, I'm married to 
a builder, and my son is a woodworker... please don't tell them! All's well now and hinges 
look right.

Happy, happy creating and crafting!



  1. wow....these are absolutely stunning and you are so clever! what a beautiful work of art, just love them.

    1. Hi Kim. Thank you for those kind words! You are so sweet!

  2. Marisela Delgado said: Absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Another beauty, my friend! I had to giggle about the hinges. That would probably be the first thing my hubby would have noticed if it had been me LOL! I won't tell ;)

  4. Serves me right for not running this card by my husband! Thanks, Lisa!


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