Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Flower Challenge #81 Use Your Favourite Flower


Greetings,  friends and welcome!  The Flower Challenge for the month of June is:
Use your favorite flower.

I don't know about you, but  that's like choosing a favorite child!

A quick and dear memory to share...
my mother's middle name was Rose, and my father planted 270 rose bushes along 
the front of our ranch. To see them in bloom each spring was a city treasure!
So, had to go with the rose! In this case, Altenew's Ambridge Rose set.

Altenew includes stencils, with their set, which I began with,
 but ended up painting with my copics.
Background die: Honeybee Springvine layering die set.

The Flower Challenge runs through the 25th of each month.
If you're in a quandary about choosing a favorite flower... play twice!
Or thrice, you get the picture! 


  1. Your card is absolutely beautiful, Nancy but it's the story of your father planting rose bushes for your mother that has me smiling!

  2. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL card Nancy!! And I agree with you about picking a favorite flower is like aking someone who their favorite child is...impossible! Still deciding on my flower over here, but yours is SO pretty and I loved your memory of your mom and how your dad planted 270 rose bushes for that's LOVE!! Hugs. :0)

  3. This is stunning Nancy! What gorgeously colored roses, and I loved the story you shared. Such a wonderful memory to hold on to. I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite flower either. My favorite flowers are the ones that are in bloom at the moment. Also wanted to let you know I arrived back home on Sunday. Had such a wonderful time seeing you. Thank you again for everything!!

  4. the background die is one of my favorites and it makes your stunning roses shine! Love the personal "rose" story and your father's lovely tribute to your mom. My Jim planted two dozen roses once just before Mother's Day and declared that I would never be out of roses to celebrate nor would he need to buy them!! Vikki H

  5. Your roses are gorgeous, Nancy. I love the color variation. I can't imagine that many rose bushes. They must have take your breath away to see them all in bloom Kudos to your Dad for honoring his wife and giving you such wonderful memories.

  6. Wow, 270 rose bushes! They must have looked amazing when they were all in bloom! Your roses look beautiful, Nancy!


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